WHY is this taking SO LONG??

WHY is this taking SO LONG??

We’ve all been there, or maybe we are there now. This “thing” the you are manifesting, or creating in your life, is taking SOOOO long to get here, and you don’t have another minute left to wait! Get here now already! You say! ( And me too!)

So many of my clients are in this place right now. I’ve been there so many times before, and yes, have things now in my life I would like to show up just a little bit faster than they are. It’s hard to wait. The waiting brings up different things for each of us. But usually some kind of extra busy mind, fear, and lack consciousness are usually part of the mix, and it’s uncomfortable.

So, first of all. It’s supposed to take time!! We live in a instant society, where microwaves set the tone for everything and we’ve come to believe we can (and should) make 6 figures by the time we are 30 and ALL the other things should happen immediately or we are a failure. This is wrong thinking and getting a little space from this expectation helps!

In every way, in every place, nature shows us that beautiful things take TIME to develop into fruition. The way and pace of how a flower grows tells you everything you need to know about the creation of your project. It blooms, it does, after it’s seeded, grown, and stretched. Then, BLOOM!

In manifestation, we call this The Law of Gestation. Just as a baby gestates for more or less 40 weeks, so will your manifestation have a set gestation period. There’s really no way around this process.

The best thing you can do in this time is cultivate TRUST and CERTAINTY, which you will feel in quiet moments if you are aligned with your soul purpose and values. Lean into whatever spiritual practices you have or develop a new one. 

Or, of course! Find a coach! ;) 

Oh Hey . . . I’m Coaching Again!

Hello lovely people,

I can’t say it’s an easy thing to send off the first newsletter after a year and five days (to be exact) of not sending one out! What to say and where to start. How to jump in and how to reconnect with an email newsletter after such a long time.

It’s been a big year! We’ve moved, I’m now officially an East Bay-er now. We’ve added a new baby to our family, Azalea Soleil, who’s almost a year old now. It’s been a year of change and adjustment, letting go and jumping in, creating growth and space and lots of newness around every bend. 

As I settle in to my new home and new family of four, I find myself looking towards my coaching practice with excitement and with a new stability under foot. Ready to serve and ready to ignite transformation for women wanting to live their deepest dreams and fullest lives. No easy task in this modern world with so many distractions pulling at us every minute. But something so very possible to achieve.

If you feel the call for a coach to support your life and dreams, I have a couple of spots available for new clients now.

And, I’m dreaming up a chance to manifest (something I love and have been practicing for years) with me in the very near future. And that will be FREE and also by phone so it will be super easy to access. Watch here for more info.

One last note, if you are considering coaching: coaching is never something you need, it’s something you choose to step into, as you choose a different, richer trajectory for your future.

Until next time, 

In love and light and many blessings, 


“Better done than perfect?” How about that for a 2017 mantra?

By Erica Lewis Venegas

I was once working with a mentor who said to me, “one thing I know is true, it’s better done than perfect,” and wow, that resonated so deeply that it’s stuck with me for years and I’ve even chosen it as the topic for my first blog post. Why? Because some things are truly better done than perfect. Like this blog first post, for example, which by its very nature of being a first time around thing, will never be perfect. But if I don’t get it done, I’ll never have a blog. And that’s the dog chasing its tail situation that us people who are running our own business or making up our own reality in some way find ourselves in.

Why not break the cycle? Hey, you won’t be alone, I’m trying to too!

Really wanting something to be perfect, or extremely high standards is natural for business owners — it’s why we’re so good at what we do and so successful, but sometimes it’s also why we’re not as successful as we could be. Some things aren’t getting done. And this goes for our personal lives too.

Stretching ourselves for perfection can make us better at what we do, but just as often leads to procrastination.

For example, on this blog post, here’s how I've been procrastinating on a macro level:

Limiting/sabotaging beliefs:

  • I won’t choose a good topic
  • No one will read it
  • No one will like it if they by chance they read it
  • It won’t be useful or helpful to anyone
  • I can’t say anything useful that hasn't already been said

Well, those limiting beliefs had me procrastinating for about 8 weeks. Here’s what’s happened on the micro level since my designer gave me a deadline for this today.

  • I’ve had to check Facebook for what old boyfriends were up to
  • I was suddenly starving so I had to cook breakfast
  • a few “urgent” texts
  • online shopping for my son’s birthday present
  • checked Facebook again

My guess is you’re very familiar with your own version of this. So what if you CHOOSE to drop the perfectionist ideals and KNOW it won’t be perfect, it won’t get an Oscar, it won’t enter the Hall of Fame, but IT WILL be real, true, honest. It will be an attempt, YOUR attempt at expressing your vision. It will be movement in the direction you know you are going, a step towards creating your chosen life. And no doubt there will be a reverberations throughout the universe upon it’s completion and there will be an impact on your life. Likely one you wanted.

So do it, CHOOSE DONE, over it’s never getting done because it must be perfect. 

And one more thing. Once you’ve chosen DONE over perfect, and passed by that procrastination, it never takes as long as you think. In fact this post has only taken me an hour and half to write (not including the months and hours of procrastination as build up).

So try it, CHOOSE “BETTER DONE, than perfect”. Maybe even make it a mantra for a period of time — see how that works for you. 

And likely, knowing you, it’ll be pretty damn good.

Thoughts or comments? I’d love to hear from you!

With warm regards,