How to Keep Going When the World is Falling Apart

Dear Ones,

Oh dear, did I really just choose that as my newsletter topic? Well, yes, I guess I did. You want to know why? Because this is the newsletter I need to read right now. This month has had me spinning with the impending doom of climate change, irrational public health laws in the state of California where I live, potential ICE raids, and the horrific child camps at our border. One look at my Instagram feed can send my adrenaline levels sky high and have me shaking in my boots.

AND at the same time, I KNOW I have good and important work to do (just like you do), and that somehow, in it’s own way, this work will create a ripple of light and positivity in this world.  When I am tuned in to my deeper knowing and truth, I know this is true.

And yet, outside reports of current and impending horrors can render me trembling and useless to get my good work done. Which I also need to do because, as a business owner, you know, clients and bills! 

SO If there’s one thing I know to be true, it’s that YOU need to keep true to your own light, stay connected to your own wisdom, and continue to take inspired action.

Here are my tips!

1. Get yourself away from your phone and in community with real people! Preferably HIGH VIBE people who help you reconnect with what’s good and true. I’m not suggesting you spiritually bi-pass anything, but that you develop the muscle to hold the truth of gloom and the light of hope all at once.

2. Look around and notice where you are, and if things are actually ok and safe (hopefully this is true). Let this sink into your system, re-set yourself with your truth and let your system calm. (We aren’t any help to anyone when we are spun out with fear, rage, etc).

3. Lean into trust, and any spiritual practices you have. If you don’t have one, start! Email me for suggestions if you want!

4. Let nature comfort you. Let her smells, her soft nurturing lines, and her layers of greens sink in and work their magic on you.

5. Get yourself a bottle of Bach’s Rescue Remedy and give yourself a squirt, or two. I love flower remedies and find them really powerful.

6. Take an INSPIRED ACTION. One for you and one for your world. Not something you “should” do, but something that bubbles up from the light of your intuition. (Turns out mine was writing this newsletter, I’m feeling better already!)

Let me know how it goes!

With love and togetherness,