Oh Hey . . . I’m Coaching Again!

Hello lovely people,

I can’t say it’s an easy thing to send off the first newsletter after a year and five days (to be exact) of not sending one out! What to say and where to start. How to jump in and how to reconnect with an email newsletter after such a long time.

It’s been a big year! We’ve moved, I’m now officially an East Bay-er now. We’ve added a new baby to our family, Azalea Soleil, who’s almost a year old now. It’s been a year of change and adjustment, letting go and jumping in, creating growth and space and lots of newness around every bend. 

As I settle in to my new home and new family of four, I find myself looking towards my coaching practice with excitement and with a new stability under foot. Ready to serve and ready to ignite transformation for women wanting to live their deepest dreams and fullest lives. No easy task in this modern world with so many distractions pulling at us every minute. But something so very possible to achieve.

If you feel the call for a coach to support your life and dreams, I have a couple of spots available for new clients now.

And, I’m dreaming up a chance to manifest (something I love and have been practicing for years) with me in the very near future. And that will be FREE and also by phone so it will be super easy to access. Watch here for more info.

One last note, if you are considering coaching: coaching is never something you need, it’s something you choose to step into, as you choose a different, richer trajectory for your future.

Until next time, 

In love and light and many blessings,