Here’s something about Erica, CPCC


A little about me:
That we can transform and blossom our lives into the life we’ve been dreaming of may be the most exciting and inspiring thing about life to me. And that’s probably why I’ve been involved in transformational healing work for over 15 years. I’ve studied in one on one, classroom, and retreat settings with therapists, practitioners, and spiritual teachers with much of the work focusing on vipassana meditation, Process Oriented Psychology, and mind-body connection modalities. In recent years, I was struck by the power of coaching to create deep inner transformation and lasting positive change and became a certified coach though The Coaches Training Institute in 2013. I love combining my coaching skills with my spiritual practices and life-earned wisdoms to create a powerful experience for my clients. I’ve helped dozens of women drop the blocks and move closer to their inner truths and manifesting their dreams.  

- Erica Lewis Venegas, CCPC

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And even a little more about Erica:
So I gave you the basics as it pertains to my coaching practice, but here’s a little more about me to round out the picture. I have a lot of diverse interests. I identify as a creative and have spent long periods of time focusing on writing, dance, cooking and parenting (yes, that’s creative work). I also have a thing for flowers and have run a business creating floral art for weddings and events for almost 10 years. So yes, that also means I have a bit of a head for business and definitely have a strong practical/logistical aspect to myself that balances out my love of the intuitive knowing and creating. I love languages and have put significant time and energy into speaking French, Chinese (both of which I’ve forgotten), am now I’m mostly fluent in Spanish. That’s helpful as my beloved is from Mexico and we’re raising our son to be bilingual. I lived in various parts of the world and am now so content to call Northern California, a mecca of transformation work, my home. I have a new passion which is seeing how I can apply myself to affect change in local politics. It’s exciting and intimidating! But I still believe one of the most impactful ways we can create change is to make a change within our own selves. A change in our internal landscape is reflected somewhere is our external world, and then that shift ripples outward, and into the future, and even into the past. This is why I do what I do and why I believe it’s my most positive contribution to the world.