I Believe in the Life you Want

Hello dear ones!

It’s true, I believe in the life you want. That little voice, whispering in your ear, telling you it’s dreams for your life, I believe in that voice. (It’s your intuition by the way), and I’m going to go out on a limb and say it never makes a mistake, and I’m going to go even farther out on that limb to say I believe you can have that life.

It’s a freaking shame that saying I believe in the life you want means going out on the tippy edge of the limb of the tree. Believing in a beautiful destined path for ourselves should be the trunk of the tree, the cornerstones of our lives, but instead it’s a rather marginalized point of view. 

Most of what we hear in the mainstream revolves around settling, being practical, reasons why we can’t have something, and instead buying more to solve problems, getting another prescription to suppress symptoms, or numbing our inner callings with social media and other screen time.

But me over here, oh no! I believe in you! I believe that if you have the whisper of the call, a dream, a vision, you can live it. How do I know this? Because for one I’ve lived it. I’ve followed and cleared the blocks to follow lots of little calls that have created an amazing, fulfilling, even surprising life. 

And for two, I get to watch my clients turn little whispers of a dream into their full realities. There’s fear to move past, limiting beliefs to clear, energy blocks to release, lots of letting go, and lots of stepping into their power, but it happens. And it’s unbelievably fabulous!

To do this, it’s an on-going process and long-term coaching is most supportive (email me if you want that), BUT if you want a taste for one dark corner of your life, I’ve created a Summer Coaching Special, so you can have a taste, details below! 

Love and Blessings!