WHY is this taking SO LONG??

WHY is this taking SO LONG??

We’ve all been there, or maybe we are there now. This “thing” the you are manifesting, or creating in your life, is taking SOOOO long to get here, and you don’t have another minute left to wait! Get here now already! You say! ( And me too!)

So many of my clients are in this place right now. I’ve been there so many times before, and yes, have things now in my life I would like to show up just a little bit faster than they are. It’s hard to wait. The waiting brings up different things for each of us. But usually some kind of extra busy mind, fear, and lack consciousness are usually part of the mix, and it’s uncomfortable.

So, first of all. It’s supposed to take time!! We live in a instant society, where microwaves set the tone for everything and we’ve come to believe we can (and should) make 6 figures by the time we are 30 and ALL the other things should happen immediately or we are a failure. This is wrong thinking and getting a little space from this expectation helps!

In every way, in every place, nature shows us that beautiful things take TIME to develop into fruition. The way and pace of how a flower grows tells you everything you need to know about the creation of your project. It blooms, it does, after it’s seeded, grown, and stretched. Then, BLOOM!

In manifestation, we call this The Law of Gestation. Just as a baby gestates for more or less 40 weeks, so will your manifestation have a set gestation period. There’s really no way around this process.

The best thing you can do in this time is cultivate TRUST and CERTAINTY, which you will feel in quiet moments if you are aligned with your soul purpose and values. Lean into whatever spiritual practices you have or develop a new one. 

Or, of course! Find a coach! ;)