Do any of these scenarios feel familiar?

  • You have an amazing long term client that is one of the mainstays of your business. You love them, but you haven’t been getting paid market rate for a long time – you’ve been letting it go because you know the financial pressure the CEO is under, but it's been too long and you’re feeling resentful.
  • Your blazing hot business has achieved every goal you’ve set for it, but now it’s all going to change because you’re expecting your first baby – it’s exciting but scary to contemplate – how will the business change? How will my identity change? How do I plan?
  • After years of successful medical practice things are starting to unravel as the stress of your mother having Alzheimers is starting to take over. You’re making decisions you’re not proud of and insecurities you've kept at bay are leaking out all over the place.
  • It’s lunchtime and you just got a phone call that one of your kids is sick. Your afternoon is booked with clients you were looking forward to seeing and don’t have spaces to get them rescheduled, ugh, the stress of trying to fulfill all your commitments when something is always getting in the way.
  • It’s the end of a busy wedding season, it should be time to pop the bottle of champagne to celebrate, and maybe you can for a day, but profits weren’t what you expected and you’ve got to hit the marketing asap. So hard when you are this exhausted.
  • You’ve got an amazing opportunity to speak in front of a large influential group of people about an environment issue that you are really passionate about. But you doubt your ability to present powerfully, and to make it worse, you have an old relationship issue with one of the organizers which is triggering your internal critics. It’s paralyzing.
  • You love your coaching business, you love being mama to your two kids, you love your community service work, and you love cooking fresh meals for your family. But wait, doing all this doesn’t fit in your calendar and you’re overwhelmed, exhausted, and never practice self-care. 

Our coaching generally works best for:

  • women
  • small business owners
  • self-employed creatives, designers, healers
  • wedding industry professionals
  • self employed or independent contractors who are also managing a transition
  • small business owners who also have children or aging parents

Our coaching will work best for you if some of your values match up with some of ours:

  • you have a sense of spirituality
  • you love self-growth and transformation
  • you love being in charge of your own destiny
  • you believe in positively impacting your community
  • you appreciate feelings and intuition
  • you enjoy being really good at what you do

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