Our approach feels really good and supportive of your whole being, and it’s effective in moving you forward because it revolves around these six life affirming principles.

  1. Everything you need is already within you. You are naturally creative, resourceful and whole.
  2. Compassionate acceptance of your truth in any situation is the first step towards change. This will help you clear what’s here now so you can naturally invite in new resources and skills.
  3. Feeling feelings heals the heart and releases those energies from the mind body and soul. Then you are free to fill up with new more positive ways of feeling, thinking, being and acting.
  4. True clarity comes from inside you, not in outside messages. If you listen to your values and your heart.
  5. Critical and doubtful voices and energies don’t serve you. Learning to identify those and knowing they are not your own is hugely helpful and lets your true brilliance shine forth.
  6. A change in you is a change in the world. 

From these principles, your path of right action emerges along with a universe conspiring to assist you. 

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