All of our coaching services happen over the phone or via Skype, so you can join in from anywhere. 

Inquire for more information about pricing.

The Five Month Blossom 

Clear blocks and more fully manifest your vision in five month on this supported five month journey that includes weekly one to one coaching with Erica, contemplation themes, and custom-made for you floral essence to ignite your transformation.

Time to Tackle One Issue

Got that one issue that keeps getting in the way and need the extra support to clear it? Focusing on it in three 50-minute coaching sessions in three consecutive weeks can move that needle for you.

Conquer it in Community

In a dynamic weekly group coaching call, address the common issues that hold us back – fear, overwhelm, and “being unconventional”, and how to invoke your inner resources and magic of the universe to take you where you want to go. Inquire for start dates.

Free Monthly-ish Manifestion Calls

Learn to manifest, or deepen your manifestation skills in this complimentary group call where we’ll be guided to manifest our next “thing/step” in thing earthly physical dimension. Manifestation is a skill, mind-set, and heart-space and is infinitely more powerful when done in a group settling. Come join us!

“You are a gem, Erica, a natural crystal that shines your healing light on the heart of things. What a rare and wonderful gift you are. I feel like I’m rebooting another part of my life, like gaining a second wind, and I arrived at this feeling thanks to your insight and encouragement.” - Riana Alizio

“Erica is incredibly intuitive, listens without judgement, and offers thoughtful advice. Working with her allowed me to lower the volume on internal saboteurs and cultivate a strong belief in myself that has set me on a direct course for achieving my goals.” - Tracey O