You get to have the life and work you are dreaming of. Together we can dissolve the conscious and unconscious blocks you are holding, and you can fully step into a life aligned with your deepest truths and purpose.

BLOSSOM - private coaching with me (six month package) 

Over time, I’ve come to believe we can’t be our best without support. And this is especially true if we are stretching to live, work, or create in a way that is different than our default patterns. When you coach with me one-one, you offer yourself deep, transformative support that calls you forward with the deep truth of your heart and the truth that you are enough and you can blossom!

Here’s the kind of stuff we can do:

  • Move away from fear-based thinking that is completely paralyzing you

  • Investigate the scarcity consciousness that traps you

  • Identify sabotaging voices that were never yours in the first place

  • Patch up energy drains and strengthen boundaries

  • Feel/find acceptance around some of the hard stuff so it can flow on

So you can:

  • Deeply connect with your inner authority and sovereignty

  • Move boldly forward in inspired action

  • Make simple, clear decisions based on your top values to ensure a life of fulfillment and joy

  • Manifest things you never thought were possible

  • Nourish yourself daily and Blossom in your own divine timing!

  • Feel good!

Here’s what this program looks like:

  • 1 - kick off 90 minute session to connect in with your values and the deeper wisdom of your being

  • 2 - 50 minute coaching sessions/month where we clear the weeds and nourish the soil

  • 1 - 10 minute freak out or reset coaching call per month as needed

  • unlimited text and email support

  • my favorite practices that hold you in accountability

  • 1 - custom made Bach Floral Remedy Essence to facilitate your healing

Blossom Your Life Group Manifestation Program

I love group programs because they create an affordable way to get support on your transformational journey AND provide the additional benefit of sacred truth-telling community, fun, and accountability outside of the sessions themselves.

This beloved group is on-going and we accept new participants every quarter, and we ask you to commit for six months.

Here’s the kind of stuff we do:

  • Learn the magic of a benevolent reflective universe

  • Learn the Laws of Manifestation

  • Create a manifestation visualization

  • Discover how self worth and saying no can increase your magnetism

  • Flow, and how you can practice it for ease

  • Lean in to five powerful practices and hold each other accountable

Here’s the kind of support you get:

  • Circle regularly with other deeply creative, intuitive, brave women who are artists, entrepreneurs, writers, freelancers, and mothers.

  • Mastermind with the hive mind

  • Private Facebook group to check in daily for support or inspiration

  • Emotional + Spiritual support

  • Accountability buddy

So you can:

  • Call in your life partner, or any other kind of person, nanny, etc

  • Call in a new job

  • Get a new housemate, apartment or living situation

  • Manifest a business

  • Vacation, new car, community? you decide

  • Live with more joy and flow

What you get to participate in:

  • 3 IN PERSON all day manifestation days per year

  • 2 virtual monthly meeting via Zoom where we learn, visualize and mastermind for eachother

  • 1 private FB group where we support and inspire eachother whenever you need an extra boost

  • Access to a special coaching package with Erica

Commitment + Investment: 6 month commitment + $150/month

Free Monthly-ish Manifestion Calls

Learn to manifest, or deepen your manifestation skills in this complimentary group call where we’ll be guided to manifest our next “thing/step” in thing earthly physical dimension. Manifestation is a skill, mind-set, and heart-space and is infinitely more powerful when done in a group settling. Come join us!

Expand Your Light : Summer Coaching Special

Every once in a while I run a special program where we can laser-coach on one issue for three targeted sessions. This is amazing for someone looking to try out coaching or a return client needing to reconnect!

please mail me for package pricing. We do everything on the phone or ZOOM so you can partake from anywhere!

“You are a gem, Erica, a natural crystal that shines your healing light on the heart of things. What a rare and wonderful gift you are. I feel like I’m rebooting another part of my life, like gaining a second wind, and I arrived at this feeling thanks to your insight and encouragement.” - Riana Alizio

“Erica is incredibly intuitive, listens without judgement, and offers thoughtful advice. Working with her allowed me to lower the volume on internal saboteurs and cultivate a strong belief in myself that has set me on a direct course for achieving my goals.” - Tracey O